Local Information/ Attractions: Information on things to see and do in Treetops, Port Antonio, and Jamiaca! 

Local Attractions Short List

Below are a list of things to do and see. This is a quick list, there are endless places to go and things to do that can be easily researched. Please contact with any questions and we will gladly assist! (Please realize these are merely recommendations for your convenience, we are not responsible for any possible mishap or adversity). 

Rio Grande- One of the largest rivers in Jamaica originally named after Spanish occupants in the 15th and 16th century. One of the many attractions around Portland Parish, mainly for rafting and viewing. 

Rio Grande Rafting

Winifred Beach- Locally renowned beach with native food stalls, authentic donkey rides, blue waters, and plenty of shade. Rough road access but worth the trip for an authentic Jamaican beach. 

Winnifred Beach

Folly Ruins and Lighthouse- Built in 1888 Historic attraction that you can freely explore. The ruins overlook a breathtaking coastal view. 

Folly Lighthouse & Folly Great House

Boston Beach- Located 9 miles east of Port Antonio, this beach in Portland Parish is one of the few surfing attractions in Jamaica. The spot actually gets some decent exposure to swell and gets waves! Stop by Boston Jerk Grill or Bernie's Pastry shop for some local/ authentic Jamaican grub. 

Woodys Grill- Mom and Pop burger joint just outside Port Antonio. Doesn't serve chicken but authentic locally owned and great burgers! Has a plantain burger. 

The Village- Arts and Crafts, Port Antonio- Awesome little shopping center with arts and crafts just down the hill by the coast, next to Yosch Restuarant.

Blue Mountain Peak- One of the tallest peaks in Jamaica located in the Blue Mountains National Park this mountain peak is home to a famous coffee and tour shop. Abit of a drive, basically in the middle of the island this would be a lovely destination for a committed adventurous type. 

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