Q. What time is check in?

Normal check-in is 2:00 PM - an earlier check in can be arranged depending on the previous guests check out. Please contact us if you would like to check in earlier and we will let you know.

Q. What time is check out?

Normal check out is 11:00 AM - a later check out can be requested depending on the next guests arrival.

Q. Can I bring pets?

Contact for pet inquiries. 

Q. Is there a maximum number of people? 

Yes, 6 persons maximum – TreeTops is a 3 bedroom 2 bath villa. We have queen beds in two bedrooms and 2 twin beds in the third room.

Q. How many on site staff are there? 


Q. Do we have security?

We have a security guard from sundown to sun up when guests are in residence.

Q. What does the staff do?  meals, shopping, babysitting, etc.

Alisson is our house lady and comes for 8 hours per day. She prepares meals, tidy's up the house, etc. She can do shopping and help with tour arrangements if needed. Alisson will stay in the premise in a room separate from the house.  It's a very relaxed setting! Full meal service available, general housekeeping. Baby sitting available for added fee upon request.

Q. Can meals/ menu be altered? 

The menu/ meals page are our most popular and suggested menu items. Treetops meals and menu can be planned and altered ahead of time. We request that guests contact us to inquire about menu and meal alterations two weeks prior to the guests stay at Treetops. After the first few days the guest can collaborate with the chef to decide the remainder of the stays meals and menu options.

Q. How does payment for meals work? 

On the first day the chef will present the guest/ renter with a receipt for the food. Payment is due upon receiving reciept in either Jamaican, US, or Euro dollars.

Q. Are there any vegetarian/ gluten free options? 

Vegetarian options available. Gluten- contact for options.

Q. Do we have access to a kitchen and food storage?

Yes, full Kitchen Access 

Q. How do I know ?

We will email you our menus and grocery list once your reservation is confirmed and final payment has been made. The staff will pre-stock the house with your selection of food stuff and drinks for your arrival. They also prepare dinner for your arrival and breakfast for your first morning. Then after you get settled and meet the staff you can go over your options for the balance of your stay.

Q. What additional cost are guest responsible for?

The rental includes the fully staffed villa and all amenities. Not included is the cost of groceries and the staff gratuity (minimum 10% of the rental paid in Jamaica). Babysitting and driving are also additional fees.